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How do I start collecting stamps?
Will it cost me a lot to start a collection?
What kinds of stamps are there?
How do I remove stamps from envelopes?
How should I organize my stamps?
What kind of stamp albums can I buy?
How do I put a stamp in the album?
Is there anything else I need?
How can I tell what a stamp is worth?
How should I judge the condition of a stamp?
Where else can I find stamps?
What other stamp materials can I collect?
Other philatelic collectibles
Are there any stamp groups I can join?
About Stamp Collecting
Where else can I find stamps?

Check the classified ads in philatelic newspapers and magazines at your local library. Also, there is a listing of philatelic publishers below. These publishers will send you one free copy of their publications. Then you can decide if you'd like to subscribe.

Linn's Stamp News
PO Box 29
Sidney, OH 45365-0029
The largest weekly stamp newspaper.

Mekeel's Weekly Stamp
News and Market Report
PO Box 5050-fa
White Plains, NY 10602
World's oldest stamp weekly, for intermediate and advanced collectors.

Stamp Collector
Rick Groth
700 E. State St
Iola, WI 54990-0001
For beginning and advanced collectors of all ages.

Stamps Auction News
85 Canisteo St
Hornell, NY 14843-1544
The monthly financial journal of the stamp market.

Stamps Magazine
85 Canisteo St
Hornell, NY 14843-1544
The weekly magazine of philately.

USA Philatelic
Philatelic Fullfillment Service Center
United States Postal Service
Kansas City, MO 64144-9997

U.S. Stamp News PO Box 5050-fb
White Plains, NY 10602
Monthly magazine for all collectors of U.S. stamps, covers and postal history