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How do I start collecting stamps?
Will it cost me a lot to start a collection?
What kinds of stamps are there?
How do I remove stamps from envelopes?
How should I organize my stamps?
What kind of stamp albums can I buy?
How do I put a stamp in the album?
Is there anything else I need?
How can I tell what a stamp is worth?
How should I judge the condition of a stamp?
Where else can I find stamps?
What other stamp materials can I collect?
Other philatelic collectibles
Are there any stamp groups I can join?
About Stamp Collecting
What kind of stamp albums can I buy?

Some stamp albums feature specific categories with pictures of the stamps that should appear on each page. You may want to select one with loose-leaf pages so you can add pages as your collection grows. A stock book is an album with plastic or paper pockets on each page. There are no pictures of stamps, so you can organize the album your way.

I have the Victorian Love Album. It has 2 posts on the side that come unscrewed so you can take the whole book apart to add more pages. Very handy for large collections, because the book is expandable.

Victorian Love Album