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How do I start collecting stamps?
Will it cost me a lot to start a collection?
What kinds of stamps are there?
How do I remove stamps from envelopes?
How should I organize my stamps?
What kind of stamp albums can I buy?
How do I put a stamp in the album?
Is there anything else I need?
How can I tell what a stamp is worth?
How should I judge the condition of a stamp?
Where else can I find stamps?
What other stamp materials can I collect?
Other philatelic collectibles
Are there any stamp groups I can join?
About Stamp Collecting
Is there anything else I need?

Here's a list of other equipment you may find helpful: Glassine envelopes are made of a special thin, see-through paper that protects stamps from grease and air. You can use them to keep stamps until you put them in your album. A stamp catalog is a reference book with illustrations to help you identify stamps. It also lists the values of used and unused stamps. A magnifying glass helps you examine stamps by making them appear larger. A perforation gauge measures perforations along the edges of stamps. Sometimes the size and number of perforations (or "perfs") are needed to identify stamps. A watermark tray and watermark fluid help make watermarks on stamps more visible. A watermark is a design or pattern that is pressed into some stamp paper during manufacturing.